March 20th, 2006

french rock

I'm a light-headed wonder

Enough with games.

I feel like just making a post in here today. None of this. "What's your Top 3 *blank*" or that kinda stuff. I'm actually in a disappointed mood today. Matthew Good is doing an acoustic session this Thursday and I won't be able to attend. It's made a further crushing disappointment by the fact that I so didn't get Franz tickets.

I want to go and see some live music. Any kind really. I know a lot of people who shun concerts or "Live" albums because they say there's something missing in the sound. I disagree whole-hearted-ly. Perhaps the overall sound quality isn't there in it's entirety, however there is much more to be said about a live concert than a studio album.

I like hearing the way the acoustics echo off the various intricacies of each venue. You don't get that with studio recordings. It's almost stale in my opinion. Also there's that certain spontaneous feel to a track live. The guitarist might add a different peddle to the chorus. The singer might cut a lyrical repetition and just soak in the moment while the crowd rages on. To date I have only found one "studio" recording that matches the feel of a live concert...

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